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Why did helping you involve Vaati and I being tied to chairs in some restaurant until two this morning?? ;____; I was so tired and when I got in my parents were so mad, they didn't know where I was and had my Beautifly out looking for me all night.
Vaati was so mad at first, it was almost like he was blaming me @___@ Then we both realized we were so hungry so decided to make the best of the situation, the food was nice~! :D Vaati didn't talk much though, I did most of the talking!! I told him about my contests, and my Pokémon, my rivals Drew and Harley and how they always think they're BETTER than me!! >/
Hummmm, at least by the end he didn't seem as angry anymore... :/

I slept through most of my classes today -_-;;

((Because I could so see May just using that entire time talking about Pokémon and her contests, even if the other person wasn't bothered about it at all, oh yes~~!))
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